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Qwaq – virtual business collaboration

  – Palo Alto, CA – 2006

Qwaq provides 3-D virtual collaboration solutions for enterprises. Qwaq Forums are virtual environments used to facilitate interactive online meetings, workflow, project and program management processes, real-time document editing, document sharing, and online training. Qwaq Forums are deployed as virtual workspaces for virtual offices, program management, virtual operations centers, facilitated meetings, and corporate training .

France based Tixeo, is another start-up focused on the same market. A slew of other companies offering tools to set up and collaborate in virtual worlds include Second Life, VastPark, ProtonMedia, Forterra Systems, and Multiverse.

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 founded 10/05, based in Pleasanton, CA

Zoho’s parent company is AdventNet, “a software company started in 1996 focusing on building affordable software for businesses. Aoho reached one million customers in August 2008.

Zoho is a suite of online applications (services) that you sign up for and access from our Website. The applications are free for individuals and some have a subscription fee for organizations. The applications that run on the Internet rather than your hard drive are part of a new trend termed “cloud computing” and ssoftware as a service – SaaS. You’re in the network cloud and can access your files from anywhere if you have an Internet connection and a Web browser.

Some of the products they offer are:

  • Zoho Writer—online word processor
  • Zoho Sheet—online spreadsheet
  • Zoho Show—online presentation
  • Zoho Creator—on-demand Web application creation service
  • Zoho CRM—on-demand customer relationship management
  • Zoho Chat—group chat made simple
  • Zoho Notebook—online note taker
  • Zoho Planner—online organizer
  • Zoho Projects—online project management
  • Zoho DB & Reports—online database and reporting functions

Zoho’s main competitors are Google Docs and Spreadsheets as well as Microsoft Office.

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Matt Mullenweg – cofounder of WordPress and Automattic

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Matt is the cofounding developer behind the open source WordPress blogging platform and its founding company AutomatticA Houston native, Matt also serves as an adviser to Sphere and WeGame.

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Automattic – company that started WordPress

San Francisco, CA, started 07-05 –

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Automattic is a web development and blogware company which can attribute much of its success to its popular blog platform, an adaptation of the open source WordPress project. The company was founded by 20-something Matt Mullenweg who continues to be the primary developer and spokesman for the company. Former OddPost CEO and Yahoo Senior Executive Toni Schneider is CEO.

In addition to having 4 self-produced products (,, and bbPress) Automattic will now integrate Gravatar identity badges and all of Gravatar’s premium features into WordPress templates. Gravatar is Automattic’s first acquisition.

There are more than a million blogs hosted by Automattic, with thousands of new ones created each day.

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