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YouTube’s New Video Editing Tool

See:  http://www.google.com/support/youtube/bin/answer.py?answer=183851

The Video Editor is a free tool in your YouTube Account which allows you to edit various clips and produce an entirely new edited video. Here’s what you can do with the Video Editor:

  • Combine multiple videos you’ve uploaded to create a new longer video
  • Trim at the beginning and / or ending of your videos
  • Add a soundtrack from our AudioSwap library
  • Create new videos without worrying about file formats, and publish the new video to YouTube with one click (no new upload is required)

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Google Viacom Lawsuit

The Judge sides with Google

Here is a link to an interesting article about the resolution of the lawsuit –


“This is a victory for the Internet and for the people who use it,” said Kent Walker, Google’s general counsel, in an interview. “The decision will let a whole new generation of creators and artists share their work online.”

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New Improvements to Google Docs

Located nicely on this video – also see google.com/apps/docs

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Google as an ISP?

from readwriteweb.com –

Great article above… Google recently  announced that it will beginning to build and test an ultra high-speed broadband network in a small number of locations in the United States.

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Captions in YouTube and Google Video

Google announces support for captioning on their videos!

For more information see the Google Blog post at http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/11/automatic-captions-in-youtube.html

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Salesforce & Google Mashup

What is a Mashup?
A mashup is a web application that combines data from more than one source into a single integrated application.

I came across an interesting article on pg 16 of InformationWeek magazine by J Nicholas Hoover, that discusses a potential mashup application. I thought it was a nice example of a useful mashup.

Salesforce.com and Google are developing an application which integrates an onlione slot machine game (Harrahs) which is built with Google App Engine, with Harrah’s VIP guest site hosted on Force.com, and using Salesforce,com data. This application would allow the VIPs to use the slot machine game on their iGoogle page. Harrahs could book the awards and track how perople respond to the game.

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Google SearchWiki

Customize and save your Google searches!

SearchWiki lets you customize your Google Web Search results. You can rank, remove and add notes to any result page and see those tailored results anytime you do that search while you’re logged in to your Google Account.

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