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Twellow is a great new search tool and directory for discovering Twitter users that could fundamentally change the way people use the microblogging service. 

This article is taken from www.twellow.com

The explosive growth of online social media has led to unprecedented opportunities for finding and connecting with people of experience and expertise in your areas of interest. However, sifting through the overwhelming volume of content and services in order to connect with people you want to find can be daunting and frustrating. Enter Twellow.com from the producers of WebProNews.
Twellow.com has been designed from the ground up to help you “cut through the clutter”. From the home at Twellow headquarters, they actively search and categorize millions of inter-personal exchanges available on the internet every day. Twellow.com is thereby able to assist you in finding real people who really matter. Twellow does the hard work of sifting out people who can help bring your vision to reality, whatever that vision might be.

Twellow.com is currently grabbing publicly available messages from the twitter.com microblogging service. They then analyze and categorize each of the users responsible for those messages into the various categories found at Twellow.com. By adding these people to specific categories they help you narrow your searching into specific niches where you can find who you are looking for. In addition to Twitter, they’re actively working on adding more social media services to broaden your capacity to find people who matter.



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