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  furl.net – started in 2003 by MIke Giles, based in San Francisco, CA

Furl is a Social Bookmarking Site that allows you to save, share and explore your favorite Web pages.

Furl is a free service that saves the important items you find on the Web and enables you to quickly find them again. Furl archives a personal copy of every page you save. When you want to recall it, you can find it instantly by searching the full text your archived items. Each member has a personal archive of 5 gigabytes (GB), large enough to store tens of thousands of searchable items.

Furl recommends new Web pages that may interest you, guided by the sites you’ve already “Furled,” or saved.

Furl also offers the best ways to share the content you find on the Web. Send a daily email newsletter of links to friends and colleagues, use Furl to generate RSS feeds for your links, or integrate them quickly and easily into an existing Web site.

Furl was founded in the spring of 2003 by Mike Giles, and is part of the LookSmart family. For more information, please see LookSmart’s About Us



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