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www.plaxo.com – Mountainview, Ca – owned by Comcast – Napster co-founder, Sean Parker, was one of Plaxo’s founders.

Social networking site that allows you to connect and stay in touch with family and friends, share photos, videos, reviews and more.

Basically an aggregator – allows you to connect with websites you use and share content from the websites you use like Flickr, YouTube, Digg and over 30 others.

Focuses on contact information: Plaxo helps keep people connected by solving the common and frustrating problem of out-of-date contact information. Users and their contacts store their information on Plaxo’s servers. When a user edits their own information, the changes appear in the address books of all those who listed the user in their own address books. Because contacts are stored in a central location, it’s possible to list connections between contacts and access the address book from anywhere.


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