Video: Podcasting Basics

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In the old days, radio and TV shows were broadcast at specific times and if you weren’t there on time, you missed it. Thanks to podcasting, show times don’t matter.   When a new show is created, podcasting gives you a way to capture it and take it with you to watch or listen to later – usually for free.   It makes shows personal and available on demand – That’s what makes it different from broadcasting.

A podcast is an audio or video recording, produced on a computer. Usually a person or company produces a series of these recordings on a regular basis. You can “subscribe” to a podcast, like you would subscribe to a magazine, and receive the new recordings delivered right to your computer.

When you visit a Web site that has a podcast, you can click a button and subscribe to the podcast to receive future shows automatically. All you need is a free tool called a Podcatcher, like iTunes, that acts as a way to capture the shows.  The shows become yours to listen to or watch as much as you want, where you want and when you want for as many times as you want. 



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