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Online Screen Capture Program

Screencast-O-Matic is the original online screen recorder for one-click recording from your browser on Windows, Mac, or Linux with no install for FREE.

It looks pretty easy to use. For $9 yr you can add pro features…

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Camtasia 7

I recently created a promotional video for a new class that I will teach in Fall 2010. I used Camtasia Studio 7, whereas in the past I used version 5. Nice improvements – active callouts, presets and now using the mp4 technology for the video along with the Flash player.


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Screen Recording Tools

Great article found on about 12 screen recording tools –

This link is 2 years old but there are still some valuable resources here.

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Free Web-based Screen Recording Program

Screenr Web-based Screen Capture

Screenr is a web-based tool that lets you create screencasts without installing any software. You just click the record button and your screen activity is recorded along with narration from your microphone. Screenr then publishes your screencast in high-definition Flash format.

Screenr makes it easy to share your screencast on Twitter, YouTube or anywhere else on the web. Even iPhone users can view your screencast.

You need a Twitter ID to use Screener!

My observation of this program…
This is really great for quick Twitter posts! Pretty much the main focus, from what I can see.  And it is also great for those that don’t have or can’t afford real screen roecoding software.

But there are limitations, and it doesn’t have background noise filters and zoom capabilities.

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