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Google Gears – browser enhancement

  2007, google, Mountainview, CA  –

Gears allows web applications to have the same functionality enjoyed by desktop apps. It does this through a browser extension that can be installed for a range of browsers (Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer) on a range of operating systems (Windows, Windows Mobile, Mac OS, and Linux). The Google browser, chrome, comes with gears support, which makes it a more powerful browser.

 A number of web applications currently make use of Gears, including two Google products: Google Reader and Google Docs. Additionally, Zoho and Remember the Milk have been using Gears since its original launch. If you’re running Windows Mobile on your cellphone, Picasa Web Albums also makes use of Gears.



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Founder Scott Tse, 2008 (?) Santa Clara, CA

WebSketch is an online service where average people, professionals and businesses can create and maintain their Web presence, share themselves, and interact with friends, workers, or customers via their own websites.
It has the ability to integrate with site with flickr photos, youtube videos, facebook, rockyou and  slide sildeshows and hulu movies.

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