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Google Viacom Lawsuit

The Judge sides with Google

Here is a link to an interesting article about the resolution of the lawsuit –


“This is a victory for the Internet and for the people who use it,” said Kent Walker, Google’s general counsel, in an interview. “The decision will let a whole new generation of creators and artists share their work online.”

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Screen Recording Tools

Great article found on mashable.com about 12 screen recording tools –


This link is 2 years old but there are still some valuable resources here.

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Video Sticky – aggregator

video_sticky videosticky.com

Video aggregator, plus video blog and community

Create your own video channel from any video you find online! Share your video channel using widgets in your blog or website. See who else is watching videos like you.

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Howcast – video and wiki

 2007, New York City and San Francisco

 Howcast Media, Inc. – www.howcast.com
Founded by veterans of Google and YouTube  (Jason Liebman, Daniel Blackman, Sanjay Raman), Howcast shows consumers engaging, useful how-to videos and guides wherever, whenever they need to learn how.

Howcast brings together the personality of user-generated content with the quality of a professional video studio to create engaging, informative, and free how-to videos for consumers. It also offers emerging filmmakers an opportunity to gain experience, exposure, and income.

With high-quality, compelling video content and a growing audience of consumers, Howcast provides a wealth of innovative opportunities for advertisers, distributors, and publishers.

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